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My dad just bought a new iPhone 5. Yes, I said the iPhone 6 will be released end of the year, but he aggressively bought it from store, just earlier today. I want to play with Siri, but everytime I touch that phone, he become annoyingly mad. What did I do? I just play with your Siri to enhance my English skill and you just ruin it.  Although, iPhone 5 isn't big enough as I though before. It's god damn small! Earlier from buying that iPhone, I and my little brother went to the music store to buy some CDs. Then, after about 15 minutes around to search worthed CD, I found an Aerosmith newest CD, "Music From Another Dimension". 5 minutes later, my little brother got The Muppets Soundtrack in his hand.

My things
My lil bro's

So, my little brother's CD is not The Muppets Soundtrack, it's called "The Green Album", as you can see in Kermit's mouth.

Maybe some of you who read this know that I ordered a guitar, specially build for me. Well, that guitar will finished at 8 August, 2013. So, if you wanna try, try to talk to me.

Alright, back to topic.

If you're using handphone and that phone often fall from your hand, don't buy an iPhone.
If you're using handphone and you don't understand English, don't buy an iPhone.
If you're using handphone and you have sharp nails, don't buy an iPhone.

Buy Blackberry or Nokia, instead.

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