Liuz Project (2)

This blog post is from my Evernote post, which I decided to put it here.

This is all about me and my band, Liuz Project. I wrote about this in my blog, blogger. But, I'll write about recent activity. 

Yes, we do have a twitter account, with no amount of active follower and useless tweets talking to nobody. 

But, I think more about our first performance. Which it's kinda awful, but my band members said that it's rock. 

I'm not an opinion based agree guy. I prefer comparing my experiences. Which I've been traveling everywhere to do some gig which last time at the biggest jazz festival at Indonesia, Java Jazz. 

Previously I did a gig at Balai Sarbini which loads over 1300 person! So, I know which one is the best performance, from the audio quality or even the performance quality. 

In our (my band, this time) first debut performance, I think that the audio is kinda awful. Because of there's no mixer so we must do direct output from our amplifier's speaker. 

I hate that. 

Playing over 200 audience with my Marshall amplifier's volume being top up to the max!

My jaw drops, my life gone one, eight life left.

It's just like, you're singing to over 200 audience without any microphone.

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