Catatan Kepada Seseorang

Awalnya cuma ingin nulis iseng saja.

If you ever love me, anytime. Just say to me and I will respond, I don't know that I can respond quickly or I'll make decision first. Why did you love someone but you never declare to that man? Why did you only wait until they come to you? They can't understand girl's felling and method of think. They only understand how to make your girl nice and great in public and in their views.

It is hard to declare your emotions to somebody? Be bold, be strong, be who you are. A man loves somebody who understand himself, who cares himself and that she's natural, without any make ups. Trust me, man attract to natural face of women. Other people can say that you're ugly, but the man who loves you, think you're smart, gorgeous, and brilliant. 

Just deal with it. Don't change your point of view, because it's really show who you are and how your attitude in people's eyes.

Don't blame me if something goes wrong. It's all about you.

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